We are providing this disclaimer policy to you in order to inform you of the rights and responsibilities that apply to you as a visitor to our website, consumer of our products and services, or as someone visiting to conduct a review or gather information on our products and services. Please read through this policy. All visitors are bound by thse disclaimers whether or not you place an order. We also encourage everybody to review all of our other policy pages as well. It is your responsibility to understand all of our policies.

Authorized Use of Our Products

When customers accept and download our products, they gain full ownership of those products. However, we do have a few restrictions in place. Our products are not to be sold, traded, or distributed to others, nor may they be used for any commercial purposes. Copies may be made for personal use and to ensure that a backup is available in the event of data loss or corruption. Further, customers agree that our academic papers are not to be used for any purpose other than research, as study materials, or as reference materials. We are not liable for any consequences you face relating to any use of our products.

Your Contact Information

It is the responsibility of each customer to provide us with reliable personal information. This is necessary to complete your orders, answer questions that you may have, and otherwise serve you. If your contact information is not accurate we cannot help you. Please ensure that your information is updated as needed.

Order Cancellation

Customers reserve the right to cancel orders at any time. However, any refund or credit given depends upon several factors. Full credit will be given if an order is cancelled before it has been passed along to a writer. If a request for cancellation is received after that, any credit will be prorated at our discretion. Customers are encouraged to bank credits with us to be applied to the cost of future orders.

Note And Academic Resources

A great number of the orders that we receive for writing services require that your writer does at least some research. If you choose not to provide any specific instructions, your writer will select resources that are appropriate for  your assignment and grade level. They will also choose resources that are up to date and academically respected.

If you have specific resources that you want us to use, please indicate this on your order form. If they are accessible to use via the internet or standard academic databases, we will use them. If not, please upload the relevant files or provide access instructions. We will not access any paid sites or pay for academic abstracts or downloads until you provide us with the funds needed to do so.

Academized.com Order Form

We have made every effort to simplify the order form on our website. If you have any difficulties completing it, or have questions about the information we ask you to provide call our customer service department or start a live chat session. We are available 24/7 for your convenience. Remember that the more inofrmation that you provide, the better able we are to complete your writing project successfully. We are not responsible for any incomplete or inaccurate information that customers provide to us.

Once your order has been received, we will send you a confirmation notice. Please use this to double check your order to ensure that it is correct. If it is not,  you are responsible for letting us know immediately.

When you complete your first order,  you will also create a customer account and establish a login ID and password. Use this to login and check on the status of any current projects. This is where your writer will provide you with status updates. You can also leave questions and requests as well. Check in daily so that you do not miss out on any questions or information that could impact the successful completion of your order.

Remitting Payment

Payment is due when services are rendered. No order will be processed until payment has been authorized and received. Should additional costs arise, you will be informed. Work on your order may be delayed until we receive any payment due. Please refer to our other policy pages for details about payment processing.

On occasion we receive a request from customer’s financial institutions for identify verification. We cooperate fully with these requests which may involve you sending us identifying documentation that we then forward to your bank. Please respond to these requests immediately. We also encourage you to contact your bank to verify that the request truly originated from them.


If we are responsible for any delays, we will provide credit or a refund. More details about this are provided in our terms of use and other policy pages. However, if the customer causes a delay by refusing to provide adequate information, ignoring requests for information, or delaying payment we will not be liable for that. In additon to this, we are not responsible for missed deadlines due to equipment failure, acts of God, or other emergencies.

Academic Honesty

We are comitted to protecting your academic reputation as well as our won. Because of this, at no time in our history have we been subject to a credible accusation of plagiarism. We are able to make this claim because we hire writers with high ethical standards and academic talent. In addition to this, we verify that all work released to customers passes a plagiarism scan.

Anybody who is concerned that a document they receive is not completely original should contact us immediately. We will conduct a thorough investigation. Customers wishing to have such an investigation conducted should upload their paper along with any other evidence that it is not completely original. If a claim is proven to be true, a full refund will be issued and those involved will be subject to termination or other discipline.

Customer Service

Our company serves students and professionals all over the world, in addition to those living and working in Australia. Because of this, we are available 24 hours per day. You may speak with a live customer service agent online or over the phone any time. We will also respond to questions submitted via email or text.

Legal Jurisdiction For Academized And Its Customers

We have determined that we are operating fully within the bounds of the law as it applies to any legal authorities that have jurisdiction over our operations.

Academized.com is located in Australia. However, we may serve customers from all over the world. Because of this, we have know way of knowing who has legal jurisidiction over any of our customers or visitors, nor do we claim to. Because of this, customers must do their due dilligence to determine whether or not doing business with us constitutes a violation of the law. If it does, we are not liable for any civil or criminal penalties the customer may face.


Please review our revision policy for details.


Please contact us using any means described above if you have any questions, complaints, or concerns about the policies outlined here.

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