Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

All of us at Academized understand that people are protective about their personal and financial data. We are just as cautious with ours. Because of this, we have worked hard to design a privacy policy, and to implement procedures that can protect you. This document will let you know the steps that we have taken, as well as providing you with information about steps you can take to protect your information as well.

About Your Personal Information

When you fill out your order form, or request that we contact you for any reason, you will be asked to provide us with personal information. This includes your name and address, email, phone number, and other information. We retain this information in order to do business with you and provide you with information that you request. We may also use this data to inform you of special offers that might be of interest to your or to share content with you.

You may ask us to delete your account information at any time, or to stop contacting you with information. As long as there are no outstanding orders or unresolved issues, we will comply with any request to delete your customer account information from our servers as long as an adequate period of time has passed. By making this request, you release us from any future liabilities.

We will never provide any 3rd party with personally identifying information about any of our clients or visitors without their consent. The only exceptions are if we believe that an illegal act has been committed, or we have received a court order.

Tracking Website Data

In order to ensure that our website works well for our customers we use website analytics software. This lets us know which areas of our website are performing well for our customers, and which are not. Part of this involves collecting non identifying data. This includes the number of visits to each page, how long visitors are staying on each paid, video click thru rates, and the types of devices used to access

Your Financial Data

As you know, we must collect financial data from you in order to process your requests for papers, or to issue credits. We may need credit card information, PayPal data, routing numbers, and a variety of other information to that end. We do not store this information. In fact, our employees never even lay eyes on it. Instead, it all goes to a certified 3rd party. They process your information using SSL technology and other means to guarantee the safety and integrity of your information. All reasonable precautions are taken to ensure that your sensitive financial information is safe.

Other Information Provided by You

When you place an order, you are asked for information about your school, academic level, subject matter, etc. This information is only used to ensure that we can provide the best service to you. This includes resources, notes, drafts, and other materials that you may provide to us. The only purpose for this information is to help us create documents that meet your needs. We do not retain any of this information after your writing assignment is complete.

Information Shared on Our Website

If you share information on our website that can be publicly viewed by others, we are not responsible for any consequences. This information is not protected by any of our policies. This includes guest posts, comments, and any other information that you provide. If that information is misused by a third party or you suffer any liability, we are not responsible.

Other Websites

Our privacy policy and any obligations that we have do not apply to any other websites besides This is true, even if we link to those websites in our content, emails, social media posts, or in advertisements on our website.

Links to External Sites

Once you exit for any reason, we are not responsible for any information that you provide on those websites. This includes websites that you visit that were linked on our Proceed at your own risk.

Compromised Information

In the event that anyone’s personal or financial information becomes compromised, we will inform that person(s) immediately. We will begin an investigation and contact the proper authorities. Likewise, if you have any reason to believe that your personal data is being misused, please contact us immediately as well as the authorities.

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