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Here we will be talking about the dissertation discussion. The dissertation discussion is arguably the hardest section to write. It’s also the section that will be the most interesting to your readers. This section is the main body of your dissertation.

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The dissertation discussion is the biggest section to tackle. It is recommended that you should include most or all of the following:

  • A brief reminder of your initial thesis
  • A brief reminder of your results
  • An in depth discussion about how your results prove your original thesis to be true and a discussion about results that go against your original thesis
  • A discussion about how your results fit with the current theories and why your results are important

You can also include a recommendation for further research in this section – this is not only helpful to your readers, but it also shows that you are thinking like an expert. You are looking into the practical applications and saying what should come next. It shows you deserve to be qualified.

As you can see, a good discussion is fairly involved and complex. Don’t worry – Academized are here to provide dissertation discussion help.

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