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If a writer wants to work with us, first of all s/he should present all the academic information about studies. After the confirmation about the graduation and achieved results while studying there comes a time of professional verification. Each participant receives a writing task to complete in 24 hours. Usually those are small essays on various up-to-date topics. If the task is completed correctly – there will come the final grammar/composition exam together with an original piece of writing on the assigned topic. If s/he meets all the requirements, that candidate is being hired for a 90-day probation, during which easier orders are being assigned to s/he, as well, as a skilled writer is carefully observing the work done. After the probationary period only those will be left, who can stand up to our high expectations/requirements and be able to meet the deadline while providing highly qualified piece of custom writing.

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How Online Essay Writers Meet Client Orders

Qualification and knowledge background take the most significant part in it. Depending on what academic level your paper is, the most proper writer will be assigned to your order. If you are a freshman in economy and need a research paper, your order will be taken by a writer with a Bachelor`s degree in economy. If you are a PhD in English and requirements for your paper are high, the writer with PhD in English as well will be assigned for your paperwork. Matching orders is of a great importance of delivering quality product to the customer. We believe it is important to provide customer-writer communication during the whole time of collaboration in case there might be some pending questions or important updates concerning the order from both sides.

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