Terms of Use

Terms of Use

The following is our terms of use. This defines your rights and responsibilities with regard to the services that we offer. Please review this document carefully, and check back frequently. We may change these terms without notice. Everything in this document applies to both customers, website visitors, and vendors.

Use of Academized.com Services

It is our goal to provide original documents to students, job seekers, and business professionals. These are custom written and tailored to the specific instructions provided by you (the customer). Once you are in receipt of these documents, you are permitted to use them at your discretion as long as your use does not constitute a violation of the law, damage the reputation of academized.com, or create liability issues.

Our Affiliations

We are an independent company. We do not share information with any other writing services. We operate completely independently of any academic associations, government agencies, schools, or other organizations. We do not contribute work to any academic databases, nor do we purchase or sell papers to third parties.

Data Collection And Storage

We do not store financial information provided by our customers. We store customer account information such as name and email address. This is kept solely for the purpose of doing business with you. Our privacy policy goes into further detail about this.

Originality And Academic Honesty

Every document we create is an original creation. We have strict policies forbidding plagiarism of any kind. Each paper is researched, written, and edited from scratch. We do not rewrite or reformat papers taken from other sources. Our employees know that we take a zero tolerance stance on this issue. We use a proprietary software package to verify that papers are original.

**We are frequently asked if we use Turnitin.com. The answer to this is no. While this is a great plagiarism checker, the website keeps a database of all papers scanned through their systems. This means that if we scan your original document, it becomes part of their database. Later, if your instructor scans it as well, it will be flagged as a copied work.** Instead, we let our writers know that they will be terminated immediately if plagiarism is detected. We will also provide you with a full refund.


We offer both paid and free revisions depending on the exact circumstances. Please refer to our revision policy for more details


We are dedicated to ensuring that your papers are completed on or before the deadline that you provide to us. If for any reason we do not complete something by its due date, you may be eligible for a refund or credit. This may be full or partial. The final decision is up to the discretion of Academized staff. If the reason for the delay is due to your failure to make payment, respond to questions, or provide adequate instructions, you may forfeit your write to any refund or credit.

Your Finished Documents

The finished papers that we provide are intended to be used for research purposes and study examples only. We are not responsible for any consequences relating to their use. Once you download your paper, it belongs to you and we no longer make any claim to ownership. The only restriction is that you may not resell this paper for profit.

Payment Information And Processing

We do not store your financial information. We accept Paypal, bank draft, electronic check, and debit/credit cards for payment. In the event of any abnormalities, we will investigate and cooperate with authorities regardless of their jurisdiction.

Social Responsibility Statement

At Academized.com we realize that there are certain professions and academic disciplines that carry higher ethical obligations, and that can lead to careers that have a significant impact on the greater good. These include courses of study that can lead to careers in medicine, healthcare, law enforcement, legal services, etc. We will never knowingly provide any services that could result in somebody fraudulently earning a degree or becoming a practitioner in any field where health and safety could be at risk. To this end, we reserve the right to refuse to provide services if we believe the greater good is at stake.

External Links And Other Websites

If you click on links at academized.com, you may be routed to other websites. We do not own these websites, nor are we responsible for their content. Any guarantees that we make regarding our content and rules of operation do not apply elsewhere. Click at your own risk.


We use cookies to provide you with the best user experience possible. If you refuse to allow us to set cookies, or delete cookies our website may not work as intended.

Your Contributions

We may permit or even solicit contributions from our audience. We are not responsible for this content. However we do reserve the right to use it as we see fit, and to modify that content if it is not appropriate.  We are not responsible for any claims made by contributors to our site.

Use of Our Site

Our site is intended for use only by those who have reached the legal age of majority. If we find that someone is using our site in spite of legal restrictions, we will delete their account information, and immediately cancel any existing orders.


Anybody visiting academized.com or using our services is obligated to determine for themselves whether or not doing business with us is a violation of any rule, law, or statute. We are not responsible for any legal liability customers may face.

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