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When you first hear of this concept, it can sound incredibly similar to stealing someone else’s intellectual property. But consider this: unless you are a complete genius that has literally come up with a whole new theory about how the world works, chances are your thoughts and ideas have already been written about by someone else.

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Re-Writing: The Art of “Putting It into Your Own Words”

Isn’t that pretty much what research and learning is? Soaking in other people’s ideas? And as many a teacher has said, taking those ideas and writing them in your own words?

And that’s basically what re-writing is.

When You Might Use a Re-Writing Service

  • Have you ever stumbled across an essay printed somewhere that perfectly sums up everything you want to say but in a better way?
  • Have you ever been given a top graded essay by a friend or older sibling who’s done the work (and that’s not really stealing if they give you it willingly)?

These are perfect examples of when you might need a re-writing service.

Of course, you could re-write it yourself, but it’s not always easy to re-write something and keep the salient points together. Especially not without plagiarising the original piece.

And many institutes run work through a plagiarism checker – and work that doesn’t pass can be an instant fail – or even dismissal from your course.

Don’t risk that happening when our professional writers can re-write the piece for you. We guarantee the work:

  • Will pass a plagiarism check
  • Won’t lose the meaning or tone
  • Will be re-written in a completely unique way while keeping all of the key points

Foreign Students

This service is particularly useful for foreign students. You might find that you cover all of the key points, but because the page is set out different to the norm, you lose marks. Use our re-writing service, and that won’t happen to you!