The Biden Plan For Post High School Education


Post High School Education

In today’s economy, it is not enough to simply complete high school in order to earn a middle class level living. If you want to start earning that kind of wage, then you are going to need post high school education. However, in today’s economy, so many Americans simply cannot pay for the education that is needed for this.

In Biden’s current run for president, he is aiming to help Americans be the best they can be. That includes helping them gain the education they need to truly reach their goals. Here’s plan for post high school education is in three parts:

  • Investment in community colleges and training to make post high school education more accessible and affordable.
  • Strengthen current college education, to ensure it is a stable path to middle-class incomes, rather than an investment that does not give the returns that it promises.
  • Support the colleges and universities that have vital roles in their community, such as historically black colleges and minority serving institutions.

Investing In Community Colleges

Community colleges are one of the best resources that America can offer its people, and yet so many people don’t even consider it as an option. As Dr Jill Biden says, they are America’s Best Kept Secret. As she is a community college professor, she understands just what they can offer.

There are roughly 30 million jobs out there right now, that can offer an average salary of $55,000, and none of these require a bachelor’s degree. These jobs can be accessed with qualifications from community colleges, and so these are a high quality and vital part of post high school education.

The Biden administration are looking to make accessing community college much easier and affordable for those who want to progress down this avenue. The plan involves several steps of improving access and funding. That includes providing two years of community college without debt for any individual who was looking to improve their skills. This will be available not only to recent high school graduates, but those who never had the chance as teenagers and young adults to access this kind of education.

There will also be new grant programs of available, such as reforms that allow career advising services, dual enrolment, credit articulation agreements, professional development, and more. It's still not clear if essay writing services would be allowed, but the detailed research are expected in the next couple years. To ensure that everybody can access community college, it also looks the tackle the barriers that prevent students from completing their degrees. That includes things such as having to pay bills, or caring for children. The administration aim to let students use their grants to cover more expensive, not just their tuition and fees.

Strengthen The College Option For Americans

In the past, college was a reliable way to make your way into a well-paying job and financial security. These days though, students are not seeing this success as soon as they graduate. Even more worrying is the fact that around 44 million Americans now hold a total of $1.5 trillion in student loans, with one in five of them being behind on their payments. This is simply not affordable or sustainable, so the Biden administration is looking to correct this.

Firstly, the administration wants to ensure that everybody who should be able to access college, can access it. That means that they want to make colleges and universities tuition free for all families whose incomes come below $125,000. It is also looking to add financial support to low-income and middle class individuals by doubling the maximum value of Pell grants. That ensures that more people can access college, should they choose to go down that route.

For those working as public servants, the administration is looking to create a new program for loan forgiveness. The current public service loan forgiveness program does not work as it should. Instead, anyone working as a public servant will be automatically entered into a program which will offer $10,000 of undergraduate or graduate student debt relief every year you work in public service, for up to five years.

Support Unique And Community Driven Colleges

America is home to some unique and community driven colleges, such as historically black colleges and universities, tribal colleges and universities, and more. These tend to serve a disproportionate amount of students of colour and low-income students, doing so while severely under resourced.

As such, Biden is looking to correct this issue, and close the gap between these colleges and other colleges in the USA. He recognizes the unique position these colleges hold in their communities, and so is looking to strengthen them, and help them serve their students.

The plan to do this will start with making these universities more affordable for the students who want to attend. The administration will invest $18 billion in grants to these schools, with up to two years after tuition per low income and middle-class students.

The investment will also happen at the colleges themselves. With $20 infrastructure at these colleges, this can be used for building high-tech labs, digital infrastructure, and more. Biden will also ensure that all of these colleges will have access to low cost federal capital financing programs, so ensure that they can keep costs as low as they can.

As president, Biden will look towards federal agencies and states to help reduce disparities in funding for these colleges. If any inequities do exist, then full investigations need to be made with rationale, and to show how these inequities will be eliminated. As such, these colleges should be given the same funding and support as any other college in the USA right now.

This has been a very quick overview of how the Biden administration is looking to improve post High School education in America. By doing so, the aim is to help all Americans into careers that help them earn wages that will let them live comfortably. It also is to support the colleges that have a supporting role in their communities, to ensure that they can give their students the very best.