17 First Things to Ever Happen on the Internet


Here is a list of some of the most significant internet firsts, beginning back in 1971, with the first email being sent all the way up to the first Instagram post in 2010. Even as recently as 2010, it was hard to imagine the overwhelming presence that Instagram would come to have in our lives. With this in mind, it's exciting to imagine the possibilities of new developments and new firsts that are coming our way in the future. Those things that may seem inconsequential at the moment could be huge in the future. When it comes to the internet, you just never know if you're participating in an historic first, that will be talked about in the future as a milestone development.

17 first things to ever happen on the internet

Nowadays, it's nearly impossible to imagine our lives without the internet. The way we send, receive and consume information has vastly changed over the decades since the worldwide web was developed. Whether it's email, YouTube, Skype or any other platform, our lives are interwoven at work and at home through the connective nature of the internet. And, it's increasingly having a bigger presence in our lives. We have access to the internet on our phones, through our televisions, at home, on the go. No matter where we are, we are more than likely able to go online. Looking back through the years, there are some significant milestones in internet development that can be pointed to. Although they may have seemed insignificant at the time, we can now recognize the impact they eventually had.

And, as with any other development, there have been a number of firsts that may have seen inconsequential at the time, but looking back now, we can see the eventual impact that they had. When you're there in the moment, it can be hard to imagine the colossal influence your actions could have in the lives of so many people. After all, it can be difficult to see the big picture and the effect that the actions of one individual could potentially have. When the first email was sent or the first purchase made online, the individuals completing those actions likely didn't realize the colossal impact these things would come to have over so many peoples' lives. But nowadays, email communication has become a huge part of personal and business life. And online sales are continuing to grow and encompass a larger portion of the overall sales of any given company. And Mark Zuckerberg likely didn't foresee the enormity that Facebook would grow into, while he was putting it together.

Each new first can link to other new firsts, triggering endless amounts of innovation and development. They each help create the next stepping stone on the endless pathway of creation and innovation. As one great idea helps spark the next, technology is so able to progress. Without the development of email, e-commerce may not have grown to what it is today. But, because email allows customers to connect with a company to ask questions and get answers, it helps to facilitate the environment for e-commerce to flourish. Rest assured that you can always rely on our professional writers to complete your "please, do my homework for me" request with ease and high level of expertise.

There are new firsts continually being added to the pioneering list of internet developments. With each new need that arises or new technological advancement, a new first emerges. And, just like those innovations that came before, it's highly unlikely that the inventors of these things will realize the impact of their accomplishments as they are being made. Who could have predicted the tremendous influence that Skype would have on the world of business, and even simply on the personal lives and connectivity of friends and families around the world. And, as that first ever picture was posted to the web, thoughts of Instagram were not likely anywhere to be seen at the time.