The Biden Plan For Protecting The Nation's Values As Immigrants


Joe Biden Immigration Plan

As a nation, the US has displayed real hostility towards immigrants. In recent years under the Trump administration, this has been worse than ever before. That's why the Biden administration is looking to improve things for immigrants into the country after their election. Here's what their plan is to improve our immigration system.

Damage Done To The Immigration Policy Of The US Under Trump

It's hard to overstate how much damage has been done to the US thanks to recent policies on immigration. Under Trump, there has been undue focus on building a wall, which will not stop things like contraband and undocumented people coming into the country.

In fact, in the US today half of undocumented people have actually overstayed a visa rather than crossing a border illegally. Because there has been undue pressure on people trying to legally enter the country, this has allowed human traffickers and other criminals to evade border controls.

As well as this current immigration policies are actually harming the US economy. Current research suggests that the total annual contribution of immigrant workers to the US is roughly two trillion dollars. If we put more pressure on immigrants not to come into the US, we are actually harming our own economy.

Biden’s Plan To Safeguard Immigrants

Because of all this, the Biden administration is looking to improve immigration in the US and remove the issues that were introduced during the Trump administration. Biden understands that by reforming the immigration system we'll do a lot more for the country than attempting to rule by fear.

His plan includes the following points:

  • Undo the damage from the Trump administration and assert America's true values
  • Fully modernize the immigration system
  • Ensure that immigrants are welcomed into our communities
  • Reassert the US commitments to asylum seekers and refugees
  • Look into and tackle the root of irregular immigration
  • Implement proper and effective border screening

Reversing the Trump administration policies: There are several policies from the Trump administration that the Biden administration aim to undo as soon as they are in office. That includes ending the prosecution of parents for minor immigration violations, and prioritizing reuniting any children who are separated from their families. It will also include removing extra restrictions on people seeking asylum, and ending the mismanagement of the asylum system which has been proven to cause violence.

Aim to meet humanitarian needs: Rather than the fear that the current administration brings about with immigration, the Biden administration aims to meet the humanitarian needs of refugees and asylum seekers. That means working with a network of organizations such as faith-based shelters and non-governmental aid organizations.

End the national emergency which takes federal dollars to build a wall: The idea of building a wall to deter immigrants will do little to actually stop crime, and cartels who are looking to exploit the people in our country. Instead, the money being used for this program will be diverted and used to help those looking for asylum in our country.

Rescind American bans on groups of people: The Trump administration has been seen to target certain groups of people, without any evidence as to their wrongdoing. For example, DACA introduced in 2012 by the Obama-Biden administration, protected the so-called Dreamers who were undocumented immigrants who were brought to the US as children. The Trump administration ended this act which then put their lives here in jeopardy. As well as this there were the so-called ‘Muslim bans’ which had no evidence behind them.

Under the Biden administration these bans will be rescinded, and aid will be offered to these groups of people to help them find legal means of immigrating to the US.

Biden’s Plan To Modernize The Immigration System

Once the Biden administration is in place, work will then begin to help those who are either already immigrants in the US, or are looking to immigrate here. The administration's plans include the following:

Create a road map for citizenship for the people who are already living in the country: Right now there are nearly 11 million people who are living in the country and contributing to the economy, and they should have the right to become true citizens of the US. Under the Biden administration, there will be ways for them to become full illegal citizens.

Reforming the temporary visa system: The temporary visa system is well overdue for a full overhaul, and that's something the Biden administration aims to do. Right now the system actually disincentivizes high skilled workers, as they are being crowded out in favor of entry level wages and skills. With a full reform, we will be able to welcome people with the skills we need for the economy.

Preserve the diversity lottery system: Under the Trump administration, there has been a real effort to abolish the diversity visa lottery.  Under the Biden administration however, this system will be preserved. Our country needs the diversity preferences that come from this lottery, to bring in a diverse array of people from all over the world.

Protect both American and foreign workers: Right now, the US has a serious issue with foreign workers being exploited with wage cuts and conditions that don't show the US at their best. Under the Biden administration, there will be work done to ensure that unscrupulous companies will not be exploiting foreign workers, and are paying both American and foreign workers a fair wage. That's why thay need to receive better education in the US. Although the system can be tough to immigrants, it's important to remeber that essay writing services are there to help.

Increased visas for domestic violence survivors: Under the Trump administration, there have been real delays in processing applications for VAWA self-petitions, U visas, and T visas. When Biden is president, these delays will be ended, and these victims will be given the help they deserve.

This has been a very brief overview of what the Biden administration will do to improve immigration and protect everybody who comes across the US borders. The answer is not to demonize immigrants, but to tackle the real issues that affect everybody in the country. With the Biden plan, the country as a whole will be strengthened.