Attributes of a Nurse Role Model


Attributes of a Nurse Role Model

I have met many nurses before, but this case is different. She is organized in her work and has a sense of humor. The nurse is an expert in communication and seems to love her job. When a patient arrives, she is keen to listen and confirm the feedback what she can see. If the information the patient is giving does not explain what she is seeing, she will go an extra mile to confirm the real issue. She has a high degree of work ethics that makes everyone love her at the workplace. It is such a beautiful thing to be missed from work when stepping out. The nurse is emotionally intelligent in that she has a skill that allows her to put the most hurting patients as ease and control their emotions. Good nurses are caring, serious, knowledgeable and good listeners (Giordano, 2017).

Beliefs, Values, and Attitudes

She believes that she is meant to be a nurse and that she was made to solve people’s health problems. The nurse has a positive attitude and believes that one day will be at the helm of the organization that she works for. She believes that dedication, going for what you want, and hard work will move one closer to the life desires. She is the philosophy that one should set short-term achievable goals that are a point of motivation, as a person moves towards the long-term ones.

To reach my long-term goals of becoming a high-ranking professional nurse, I learn that patience and dedication play a huge role. She also intimated that there are tough times, but like in every profession, one has to take the challenge, learn from it, and use it as a building block to your career. In fact, she is of the belief that people will learn better in hard times. I see it as the opportunity to get the basics and know how to manage people. To become a good manager, one must first start with a few – one will disagree, and it may be ugly, but it is where one learns how to control the emotions and those of others.

Role of a Nurse

The role of the nurse is to love her job and does it wholeheartedly until the day she is not there to serve. Also, she has the role to offer emotional counsel to the patient by the way they interact. Many patients may have visited various hospitals, and their records cannot be tracked properly. Nurses should be able to identify communication problems in a patient (Feldman, 2012). It is her role to advise the patient to go to the same place, which will help in monitoring the situation.



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