Health Administration


            Chemical Abuse Service Agency Inc. is a renowned organization in handling psychological and mental health of numerous populaces. This health organization has been capable to efficaciously negotiate via numerous periods of depressed and booms. The company has been also capable reorganizing its underlying resources after 2008 recession and develops a modern approach that meets the preferences and tastes of the prevailing customers and patients across the Connecticut human markets (Swayne, Duncan & Ginter, 2008). The organization presently operates on a strategy of readjusting its relationship assembly with the underlying goals in line with the market veracities and alterations within the patient care motivation. Based on the underlying inclusive accomplishments, the paper will review CASA inc model and strategic plan under the directional strategy, including its vision, mission, and values statement.

            The directional strategy of production of the prevailing Patient-Centered of CASA is mainly based on the sustainability of the environment. CASA operates on the vision of emerging an existing environment, which unite community into a sole team and preserve environmental innovativeness for the advanced governance (Moseley, 2009). Patient centered is a fundamental measure for customers and other stakeholders’ satisfaction. Other stakeholders in the health sector of the organization entail workers, investors, suppliers coupled with the general communities (Pynes & Lombardi, 2011). Establishment of managed care in CASA has enabled patients to use less time in receiving health care coupled with decrease people visiting the underlying health professionals. Less people visiting imply that professional health practitioners might result to their dissolution. Intensification encumbrances on the underlying professional escalate as the prevailing health care endorsement agencies directive on paperwork and explanation for procedures (Swayne, Duncan & Ginter, 2008). Moreover, due to the directional strategy patient has become the main center on the requirements of the organization’s system.

            Thus, the desired sustainability strategy sanctions of the CASA work towards its underlying vision by constructing greater techniques, instituting robust business and developing a suitable healthcare surrounding of the considerate specialists (Moseley, 2009). Chemical Abuse Service Agency Inc.’s accomplishment is normally attached on its underlying mission of value development via relatively greater medication and sustainable advancement (Swayne, Duncan & Ginter, 2008). Regarding the construction, Chemical Abuse Service Agency Inc. mainly emphases on the major assembly of the patient care in order to ensure their point of view, which is valued over corresponding professionals (Pynes & Lombardi, 2011). Directional strategy majorly aims at decreasing the underlying cost of the heath care and consequently ensuring a decrease of money within the environment.

            The quality of the CASA directional strategy heavy rely on its underlying internal and external environments, which correspondingly bring connectivity and monitoring abilities to the organization’s program (Pynes & Lombardi, 2011).  Utilizing of the directional strategy within their operations has resulted to the integration of the Patient-Centered survey.  Patient-Centered is normally focused on the communication system. It incorporates use of social media, and data mining and is based on the Patient base model.  Through employing data gathered from social media coupled with the integration of the technology into the current program, consistency reigns on the organization’s methadone admissions.

            CASA’s important power of competition rely on the Clinics sectors with the APT Foundation as the main competitor (Pynes & Lombardi, 2011).Through directional strategy, instituted program the organization to experience nonstop development in terms of the patients and returns. 

            Chemical Abuse Service Agency Inc. is destined to be affected by the increasing cost of the Medicare. Because the underlying insurance eligibility is drastically increasing, it will make it extremely cumbersome for Chemical Abuse Service Agency Inc. to employ psychiatrists. Moreover, it will serve as a major deterrent to the profitability of the Chemical Abuse Service Agency Inc. since the space (Moseley, 2009).   Thus, Chemical Abuse Service Agency Inc. ought to look for another suitable technique of employing psychiatrists such as employing them on permanent basis or offer better terms of service for the psychiatrists to make them continue offering their service to the health organization.

            Chemical Abuse Service Agency Inc. also faces still competition for several health organizations. Due to the health’s organization numerous diverse makes coupled with models available to execute, it will pose a massive hazard to Chemical Abuse Service Agency Inc (Moseley, 2009). Thus, the company ought to select on the significant, profitable and urgent projects and models to implement (Swayne, Duncan & Ginter, 2008). This will enable the organization to decrease or stop the impending hazards that might fall the Chemical Abuse Service Agency Inc.

            Since Chemical Abuse Service Agency Inc. possesses communication system of gathering data, it also faces intimidation due to the fluctuation of the underlying conversation rates (Swayne, Duncan & Ginter, 2008). The exchange rates massively affect Chemical Abuse Service Agency Inc because it directly impact on the high percentage earning, that normally translates into profits from the outside of the state. Thus, the organization ought to set up stable and affordable rate that cannot be adversely affected when the conversation rates fluctuates.  This will enable the organization to get constant profit even during low rates. Moreover, it will also reduce massive loses that normally results from such fluctuation.

            In summation, Chemical Abuse Service Agency Inc. has utilizes directional strategy to structure its underlying and fundamental mission, vision and value statement. This has enabled the organization to possess competition power among its competitors. Nevertheless, the organization ought to turn its threat into strength to evade losses in future.