Readers Guide to Stamped from the Beginning


Stamped from the Beginning Image credit: Front cover of Stamped from the Beginning written by Ibram X. Kendi.

Novels written on history are the most valuable because they provide us with insight on how to prevent past mistakes in modern times. There are many notable authors who have created monumental pieces about adversity and inequality. It is important for us to interact with media that allows society to grow in a positive way. One of the biggest flaws of society is discrimination; racism is commonplace in many areas of the globe. Thanks to the work of activists and those fighting for equal rights, there are now more resources that can help educate people on this type of history. Works from individuals such as award winning author Ibram X. Kendi are essential to fueling the equality movement. This is the reader's guide to Ibram X. Kendi’s novel, Stamped from the Beginning: The Definitive History of Racist Ideas in America.

A Summary of Stamped from the Beginning

Stamped from the Beginning covers the endless injustice people of color endured and still endure in America. Kendi and his co author Jason Reynolds consider the novel to be unique compared to other pieces that speak on racism. The layout of Stamped from the Beginning is unlike other history books, so the two don’t consider it to be a history book at all. The novel includes contradicting ideas from people in America. The perspectives of notorious figures such as Thomas Jefferson and Angela Davis. Kendi’s use of the incorporation of what both anti-racists and racists thought, behaved like, and accomplished during American history was a wise decision. Throughout the novel, it is discussed that racism is actually not caused by hate alone. Discrimination is often adopted by groups in society due to passing down negative values over huge time periods. Through real life examples and mindsets, Kendi has shown the many sides of racism.

The novel is split into 28 chapters, and over the course of it, there are five stories about American intellectuals that are shown to readers. Kendi exposes how these intellectuals manipulated the public through their justification of laws that were emplaced. People of color were targeted in many ways including: health wise, money wise, and socially. Kendi certainly did ample amounts of research to come to these conclusions. He not only provided factual evidence, but a variety of examples from the past and present. His main goal with Stamped from the Beginning was to properly inform readers about the foundations of racism. Kendi also made sure to share the steps that society needs to take to identify and demolish racist beliefs.

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While many publications and scholars love Stamped from the Beginning, the novel is sadly viewed as unfit by many critics. It is banned often since many don’t agree with the selected information put into the book. Though people have challenged Kendi over his most successful book, he hasn’t allowed non-supporters to prevent him from making positive change in the world.

Kendi is an inspiration to millions of youths and adults wanting to seek out change and be part of the antiracism movement.

Where You Can Purchase Stamped from the Beginning

It’s clear to see that Stamped from the Beginning is a worthwhile read. If you are wanting to purchase the book here are sites that sell Kendi’s groundbreaking novel.

Making change now is urgent in modern times. New generations should get the chance to learn about how they should treat others. Our world is full of so much hate, therefore the spread of peace and acceptance is crucial. Kendi’s works of writing show society that we need to be conscious of how we involve ourselves in making progress in an often closed minded and toxic society. Kendi is notably one of the most powerful voices in the anti racism movement and has paved the way for future leaders.

About Ibram X. Kendi

Dr. Ibram X. Kendi has had tremendous success with his career as an author. He has five #1 New York Times best selling novels. He has written both nonfiction and fiction pieces and writes for adult and young audiences. Ibram X. Kendi is not only an accomplished author of 13 novels, but also a Humanities professor. Another accomplishment of Kendi’s is becoming the Founding Director for anti racism research at the Boston University Center. These milestones only highlight the brink of Kendi’s career achievements.


Kendi has received countless awards for his great work as an activist. His first novel allowed him to be the recipient of the Du Bois Book Prize; the novel is titled: The Black Campus Movement. He was nominated for several awards the year he created a rendition of Stamped from the Beginning called Stamped: Racism, Anti Racism, and You. He ended up winning the GoodReads Choice Award for the second version of Stamped. The original version of Stamped earned Kendi the National Book Award which also happens to coincide with his love of NBA (National Basketball League) since they share an acronym. Later on in life, Kendi himself made his dream of being a member of the National Basketball League become a reality. Dr. Kendi has earned other notable awards of recognition which are well deserved.


Writing 13 separate novels isn’t an easy thing to accomplish. Though he has a few novels that are highlighted more than others, they are just as important. One of his other novels, Magnolia Flower, shares the story of an Afro-Indigenous girl. Kendi adapted Zora Hurtson's story into a picture book. He often takes inspiration from other creators, sharing their work through his pieces. Another gem in Kendi’s collection of novels is How to be an Antiracist. The basis of the book is getting people to think about how they can make steps to join the antiracist movement. How to be an Antiracist also challenges readers to answer advanced questions revolving around race. Kendi wants readers of his novel to self-reflect on their actions and perspectives on racism.

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